Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary

Location: 19349 Old Wiederstein Rd, Cibolo, TX 78108, United States

Warbler Woods is a privately owned beautiful nature preserve in the middle of town featuring a pond, trails, numerous birds & other wildlife. Warbler Woods covers 124 acres of varied habitat. If you are a nature person, love birds and wildlife don’t miss this special place in Cibolo, Texas.

  • 124 acres of varied habitat
  • 40 acres of open grassland
  • 80+ acres of woodlands (savannah, heavy understory and brush)
  • Three small permanent ponds and one that fills with heavy rain
  • Three water wells
  • Four primarily dry creek beds form the headwaters of Town Creek
  • Artifacts from 1800s German settlers including square nails and a 12-ft dug cistern
  • Stone artifacts from early Native Americans
  • Roads and trails throughout
  • Many water features and feeding stations for animals